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About Us
About Us


Peacock Branding Specialists is a family-owned business that has offered branding services and products for more than 20 years. Peacock is today under the management of three siblings that have years of experience in branding, marketing, and sales.

Peacock has become a leader in the embroidery market and it’s recognized for its high-quality products and its excellent customer service. The company started as an embroidery shop in 1994, and throughout the years it has expanded and improved its product line to better assist its clients. Today, we offer not only personalized uniforms and corporate apparel with embroidered logos but also imprints on textiles and customized promotional items and giveaways.

At Peacock, we understand the challenges of today’s market, and we know that having a recognized brand will secure our client’s success within their industries. Our mission is to assist companies in improving and promoting their corporate image through high-quality branding and promotional products.


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