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How to Effectively Distribute your Promo Items

We know that promo items are effective marketing tools; but, how can we distribute them in a way that they are perceived as valuable gifts rather than simply advertisements? There are some of the options we at Peacock recommend you:

  • Direct mail. Although it takes a lot of effort and time, direct mail is still one of the most effective marketing mediums because it puts your message straight into customers’ hands. Plus, giving your customers something that was specially packed and prepared for them will build a strong customer-company bond.
  • Trade shows, expos, and conventions. There tends to be a lot of competition at these events, so you should work hard to customize a stand-out promo item that will draw interest. Items that the receiver perceives as practical and useful are the most effective; mobile accessories today, for example, are some of the most popular promo items in the market.
  • Conferences and meetings. Giving participants a personalized gift for attending your seminar, meeting or event will boost your brand.
  • Grand openings, holiday parties, and special events. Market your business by giving away customized items that are good for an exclusive benefit or discount on the customer’s next visit or purchase. Giving the receiver a reason to come back to your business is the first step to create a strong customer-company relationship.

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