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Personalized Folders: Add Professionalism to your Proposals

Personalized folders with the logo and corporate image of your business give professionalism and organization to your proposals and your sales presentations. Although it might seem like an unnecessary investment, customized folders offer many benefits.

  • Professionalism: personalized folders give you a more formal and successful appearance. A professional appearance helps you during the first stages of the sales cycle to build trustworthy and credible image in front of  your clients. Customers are more receptive towards your presentation when they trust you and perceive you as an authority in the industry and a professional person.
  • Organization: a well-organized structure of a presentation helps you maintain the customer’s attention. Having a standardized folder to use in all presentations also helps you maintain the overall organization of your sales people and it gives consistency to the image you expose to customers. Moreover, it gives you more time thinking about your main points during a sales presentation, rather than worrying about the organization of it.
  • Extra advertising: like any other promo item personalized with your logo, customized folders increase your corporate image exposure to the public. A presentation folder with your logo on it is a reminder of you and your company for the receiver.

If you want to stand out from your competitors you can add a special feature to your personalized folder. Peacock offers the new folders with a flash drive compartment. By adding this compartment, you can mix a printed version of your most important points of your presentation, and a series of additional information and other materials that you can archive in a flash drive. Your customer will definitely feel you are a professional, well-organized person that knows how to keep up with technology.

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